- 7.1 Techniques

  • Manual techniques,
  • Automatic extrapolation techniques (motion vectors from autocorrelation, motion vectors from NWP-models)
  • Motion vector is not the same as Doppler wind
  • Which technique is used in which system (Titan, Warning Decision Support System,..)

- 7.2 Movement, development, lifecycles

  • Limits depend on conceptual model (convection/Stratiform...)
    • Conceptual models (summer)
  • single, multi, super cell, squall line
    • examples
  • Conceptual models (winter)
    • melting zone (e.g., bright band)
    • low stratus, inversion
    • examples

- 7.3. Time series

  • Echo tops, height of maximum echo,
  • Schematics and real examples

- 7.4 Assimilation to NWP

  • Briefly mentioned

- 7.5. Use of radar data in mesoscale analysis systems (Nimrod, Mesan, LAPS)

  • Briefly described

Material to this section is available through:

- Roger Deslandes: animations, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes and case study material
- Wilfried Jacobs: animations, PowerPoint presentations, case study material and other
- Urs Germann: animations, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes and other
- Paul Joe: animations, PowerPoint presentations and case study material
- Günther Haase: PowerPoint presentations

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