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WMO Online Course for Trainers of RA-VI

Are you looking for an opportunity to sharpen your training skills? Meet other trainers to learn how they conduct their work? Engage in discussions, debates, and other exercises to deepen your understanding and expand your ideas about training processes?

WMO and Eumetcal have the pleasure to inform you that an Online Course for RA VI trainers, training managers, and occasional trainers will be offered during the first half of 2015. The course will be joint effort of WMO and Eumetcal.

The online course will allow an increased number of participants and allow additional focus on developing skills for online learning. The course will be offered over 12 weeks, in 3 modules, from 16 February to 31 May 2015, and will accommodate a 2-week break surrounding the Easter holiday.


The goal of this online course is to help national and regional meteorological and hydrological trainers and training managers by increasing their knowledge and skills in planning, developing, delivering, assessing, and evaluating learning activities.

The course will provide a focus on developing skills in each of the WMO Competencies for Education and Training Providers.


The course intends to target three audiences in slightly different ways. For this reason, the course will be divided into 3 modules to take the target audience needs into account.

- Trainers and training developers, i.e., those who dedicate full or substantial time to training duties.
- Training managers, i.e., those who manage or direct training functions or institutions.
- Part-time trainers, i.e., subject matter experts who contribute to classroom or online courses periodically.

Additional information

Read throughout the WMO official course announcement HERE and related ANNEXES.

The official course announcement has distributed by WMO to the Permanent Representatives of RA-VI, and is also available in the WMO ETR Website.

Those trainers and training managers interested in participating in the course are invited to seek nomination from their Permanent Representatives.

Deadline for submitting application: 28 January 2015

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