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Eumetcal Flash Workshop 2010

DO NOT MISS this unique opportunity to learn the basics of FLASH. Eumetcal offers you top-level instructors and an efficient learning environment to let you move your first steps in building distance learning modules.

Flash workshop is also very interesting for those developing web-based meteorological applications or realizing webpages.

The Eumetcal Flash workshop will take place 9 -11 December 2009. This workshop will be the first offered by Eumetcal on this topic and will be run in the Deutschen Wetterdienstes (DWD) training facilities in Langen, Germany (20 km south of Frankfurt).

What is Flash?

If you browse the Internet to learn more about Flash you will get something like: “FLASH is an authoring environment widely used in creating e- and distance learning solutions related to environmental sciences (meteorology, oceanography, climatology, etc.)”.
In case you really want to know what actually Flash is and how it will allow you to improve your skills and possibilities as a trainer please have a glance at the following examples made entirely with Flash by the instructors:

- What is Flash

- Model monitoring

- Operational use of RGB


Applications CLOSED

Fees and support

For Eumetcal members there is no fee for participating to the workshop. Moreover, the selected participants from the Eumetcal member states will be partly supported by the Eumetcal Programme (flight tickets and accommodation at DWD Guest House).

For detailed information see the attached Announcement (pdf file) or feel free to contact the Eumetcal Training Support Officer Alessandro Chiariello (

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