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EUMeTrain Convection week 2-5 June 2008

In the first week of June EUMeTrain is presenting a Convection Training Week in which the emphasis will be on how to nowcast convection with Satellite. The sessions will include a 30 minute presentation from an expert followed by a 10 minute discussion/break. One of the partner institutes of EUMeTrain will than take over and present how convection is treated within their institute. The target audience are the forecasters but anyone interested may take part.

These sessions will all be online using software called Centra. You do not need to install anything. On the day of the event you will receive an e-mail with a link and password. After clicking the link you will automatically enter the trainingsession.

Registration for the separate sessions in this training week is necessary and limited to 16 entries acting on first come, first serve. In addition, registrations for classroom/briefing sessions have a priority status!

You will need to register for individual lessons through the EUMeTrain website. Please click here to access more information and registration.

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