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Eumetcal SCENARI Workshop 2010
Eumetcal Aviation Course 5/2 - 30/3/2007
Fourth Eumetcal Workshop 26-28 August 2008
Announcing the Eumetcal Satellite Meteorology Course
Fifth Eumetcal Workshop 3-5 November 2009
Eumetcal Flash Workshop 2010
Eumetcal NWP Applications Course 2009
Announcing the Eumetcal Moodle online course
Sixth Eumetcal Workshop 30 Nov - 2 Dec 2010 (WMO, Geneva)
Eumetcal Radar course 2010-1011
Announcing the Eumetcal Flash/SCENARI workshop
Eumetcal/EUMeTrain Basic Satellite Meteorology Course
Eumetcal/EUMeTrain Satellite Image Interpretation and Applications Course
Workshop on Tools for Forecasting High Impact Weather at EMS Conference
Eumetcal/EUMeTrain Satellite Course "Synoptic and Mesoscale Analysis of Satellite Images"
Eumetcal Workshop 2012
EUMETSAT Satellite Conference 2012

The 2012 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference will take place from 3-7 September in Sopot, Poland.

Eumetcal Aviation Course 2012
Weather Radar Applications in Nowcasting for Weather Forecasters

This is the announcement for the Eumetcal Radar Working group"Weather Radar Applications in Nowcasting for Weather Forecasters" course held in May-June 2013. Please read the first course announcement for more detailed information about the course.

EUMeTrain Polar Satellite Week 5-9 November
Announcement for the Eumetcal Course on Short Term Ensembles

Eumetcal, with the help of the GLAMEPS working group, has developed a new fully online course on short term ensembles which will be available from now on. This new course is intended for forecasters, but also interested researchers who want to learn more about the use of short term ensembles are welcome.

Eumetcal Moodle Upgrade 11 - 13 Feb 2013

Eumetcal Moodle Upgrade 11 Feb - 13 Feb 2013.

Planned Eumetcal Education and Training Activities in 2013
Eumetcal Workshop and CALMet X in Toulouse, 2013
Marine Forecasting Course - 2013
Announcing the Weather Simulators for Instruction and Assessment Workshop
Eumetcal Workshop 2014
2nd announcement: Synoptic and Mesoscale Analysis of Satellite Images - 2014
2nd Announcement: course on Weather Radar Applications in Nowcasting for Weather Forecasters
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