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Eumetcal Newsletter - Issue 02/07

Issue 02/07

1. Eumetcal Working Group Launch
2. New “Meta-Moodle” opened to help trainers with Moodle
3. The Satellite Palette
4. Eumetcal is now Eumetcal III
5. Cooperation with ABoM, MSC, COMET and WMO


1. Eumetcal Working Group Launch

The concept of the Eumetcal Working Groups has been under consideration during the Eumetcal II programme phase and eventually producing a good working model for future working groups following the work carried out by the Radar group.

In the new programme phase, seven working groups have officially begun work following first group meetings at the third Eumetcal Workshop (ECMWF, 29-31 August). Their work will aim towards the development of common European standards and best practices in meteorological training for specific topics. Their work will greatly contribute to the training efforts in NMSs and beyond by offering an expert opinion in the content and extent of the most recent training issues.

To join the work of the groups and to be up-to-date in their activities, please contact the leaders of the groups:

Radar Meteorology: Wilfried Jacobs
Hydrometeorology: Jean-Michel Tanguy
NWP Applications: Vesa Nietosvaara
Aviation Meteorology: Christophe Billard
Satellite Meteorology: JosÚ Prieto
Tools for Training and Education: Jarno Schipper
Severe Weather Meteorology: Sjon Van der Tol

The groups for Climate and Climate Change and Ocean and Maritime Meteorology are still to be formed as there has not been a significant interest to lead these groups. If you would be interested to act as a leader for theses groups, please contact Eumetcal Training Officer, Jaakko Karppanen.


2. New “Meta-Moodle” opened to help trainers with Moodle

The rise of new and freely available tools for training and education is making an impact in universities and tertiary education throughout the world. More and more of the students are using online learning environments and eLearning tools in their everyday learning.

During the VII CALMet International Conference on creating activities for learning meteorology (2-7 July, Beijing) a special interest group dedicated for the open-source eLearning environment Moodle was held. As a result the need for support in using and designing courses with Moodle was acknowledged and it was decided that the global community would create a space where trainers could exchange experiences in Moodle and help each other in training development virtually.

This website has now been opened within the Eumetcal Moodle as a “meta-Moodle”, a Moodle information site using Moodle. You can find the site from the address:

You will need to register when you first enter, this will help everyone get to know our colleagues and be able to help one another create a professional network.


3. The Satellite Palette

The Satellite Palette is an on-going project from the COMET/MSC (Meteorological Service of Canada) partnership to enhance the understanding of meteorologists and improve the forecasts. The Satellite Palette applies the art of the analysis and diagnosis of water vapour imagery with the science of satellite meteorology to link conceptual models with real-life situations. Meteorological dynamic features are identified in the water vapour imagery using both time tested and brand new conceptual models. The examination of the atmosphere by using the pattern recognition strengths of the human can yield valuable insights into the true workings of the real atmosphere. Linking the current weather situation to conceptual models helps the forecaster to anticipate the evolution of the weather systems - better analysis and diagnosis must lead to better prognosis. The fantastic COMET animations of the conceptual models bring the meteorology of both the dynamic features and satellite imagery to life.

The four core modules of the Satellite Palette are completed.
- Vorticity Maxima and Comma Patterns;
- Vorticity Minimum and Anticomma Patterns;
- Deformation Zone Analysis: and
- Deformation Zone Diagnosis

There are another 15 modules waiting to be completed and published on the Meteorology Education and Training (MetEd) website for Northern-Latitude Meteorology (NorLatMet). Please visit frequently to monitor our progress.

Meteorology is more than just numbers - it is an art as well!
Meteorology should be fun and the Satellite Palette reflects this truth.

Phil (the Forecaster) Chadwick
MSC, Canada


4. Eumetcal is now Eumetcal III

And off we go! The final report on the Eumetcal II programme phase was submitted to the 31st EUMETNET Council in August and the new programme is well underway. Still missing are signed copies of Eumetcal contracts from six countries and two working group leaders but we are confident they will come very soon. For the new Steering Group composition, Eumetcal II programme report and Eumetcal III programme outline please visit:

As always, we appreciate any feedback from you regarding all aspects of the programme and its activities.


5. Cooperation with ABoM, MSC, COMET and WMO

Eumetcal is expanding in Europe but also beyond. Cooperation with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (ABoM), Meteorological Service Canada (MSC), COMET in the U.S. and the World Meteorological Organisation has been drafted and the programme is now ready to sign agreements with ABoM and MSC.

Links to COMET offer help with Meta-Moodle and an increased exchange of ideas on training approaches widens the scope for our own training development. Talks with WMO RAVI RTC in St. Petersburg will hopefully lead to increased training cooperation and benefit the training community with increased awareness and visibility in the international field of meteorological training


Thank you for reading,

Eumetcal Training Officer

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