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Announcing the Eumetcal Satellite Meteorology Course

Training Course on the Principles of Satellite Meteorology

Host institutes

The course is jointly organised by Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) and EUMETSAT


Classroom sessions in DWD Training and Conference Centre (BTZ), Langen, Germany

1st Announcement
19th December 2008

2nd Announcement
15th February 2009

Application deadline
28th February 2009

Application form

Selected by 13th March

Minimum amount of students required: 12

Maximum amount of students allowed: 20

Applications from participating and new EU countries encouraged.

Dates and duration

Course start date: 20th April 2009

Distance phase 1: 21th April 2009 + 1 week, 10 hours work by student

Distance phase 2: 6th May 2009 + 1 week, 10 hours

Classroom phase: 15th - 19th June 2009 (5 days, 35 hours)

Wrap-up phase: 9th July + 1 week, 5 hours

Course end date: 15th July 2009


5 days presential + 3 weeks distance learning. The distance phase is equivalent of 25 hours of work.
Total equivalent 60 hours of training.

Tuition fee

1000 EUR

DWD participants are exempted of the fee. A limited number of subsidies can be granted by EUMETSAT.


• Increase awareness on the potential of modern weather satellites in the forecasting process

• Improve the ability of the forecaster to identify potentially hazardous weather from weather satellite products

• Improve the ability of the forecaster to diagnose weather phenomena using weather satellite products

• Allow the forecaster to understand the reliability and uncertainties of the weather satellite products

Target Audience

Operational weather forecasters


• Previous knowledge in satellite meteorology

• Strong motivation for personal development

• Interest in weather satellite applications

• Good command in the English language


The course will be taught in English. No translation will be offered and the participant is expected to be fluent in English.

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