Dual polarization

- 8.1 Introduction

  • This is new technology. We do not know everything yet.
  • Why: Better rain rate, hydroclass, improved data quality
  • Knowing the 3d distribution of particles and phenomena causing radar echoes

- 8.2 Applications

  • Hail warning, warning of freezing precipitation, Look at picture and compare and combine to other sources (temperature,...)

- 8.3 How the dual polarisation products are made

  • Background:
    • what is polarization,
    • particle shape
  • Scientific principles and details
    • Measured parameters,: zdr, ldr, rhoHV, phiDP, KDP
    • Derived parameters: r-z-zdr r-kdp-zdr relations
    • classification principle, fuzzy-logic
    • identification of non-meteorological phenomena
    • Technical notes: Three ways of making dualpol: alternate, star, ldr

- 8.4 Traps in use of Dual polarisation products

  • Specific problems and their propagation to hydrometeor classification and rain rate estimates. Also, how common problems are visible here. We still live on a spherical globe!

Material to this section is available through:

- A.J. Illingworth: PowerPoint presentations and other
- Paul Joe: animations, PowerPoint presentations and case study material
- R.J. Keeler: PowerPoint presentations and other
- Martin Hagen: PowerPoint presentations and quizzes
- David Hudak: PowerPoint presentations and case study material

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