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Eumetcal Newsletter - Issue 04/09

1. Introduction and greetings to Carola

2. Again new members

3. EUMETCAL courses and workshops – news

4. International Training activities and events

1. Introduction and greetings to Carola

Dear reader,

as the year 2009 is concluding, there is the trend to draw the balance of the year which is almost gone. Well, I would rather prefer applying this kind of thinking to financial issues. Eumetcal is such a challenging programme that you have to make balances and consider almost all the time whether you are fulfilling the needs and expectations of the community.

The results and feedback speak for themselves. Eumetcal has being offering successful blended courses and representing the meeting point for professional trainers in several areas of meteorology. Thus ahead we foresee challenging times. Eumetcal needs to broaden the fields covered by its training activities, e.g. aviation meteorology and training of the trainers, face the growing number of memberships from Eastern Europe, manage the ever increasing cooperation with other Programmes and organizations, and boost the structure and use of its electronic library.

Many of you might have had the pleasure of meeting Carola Sundius: for those who have not I just say that she has been the mother of the “Eumetcal concept”, the one who has contributed to shape the programme as it is today.
Carola has officially retired and she is going to spend another beautiful phase of her life surrounded by a wonderful family. I just would like to thank Carola for being so… Carola, a very special person. Her human sensibility, her kind resolution and her solid diplomacy skills will be missed.

2. Again new members

In the beginning of November the Eumetnet Council has approved the request of membership to the Eumetcal Programme presented both by Bulgaria and Romania.
The contracts are under preparation and we will likely see these two countries as full Eumetcal members starting from year 2010.

3. EUMETCAL courses and workshops – news

- The Eumetcal International Workshop was held in Langen, Germany, in the beginning of November. Among the over sixty participants worth noting the considerable presence of representatives from the partner countries.
When thinking of the whole event, a kind of guiding message remains impressed in my mind: plan the strategy and the goals of your mission. This has been a concept raised in several contexts from the beginning till the end of the event.

Special thanks to the thorough organization offered by DWD.

- Eumetcal Second NWP course in blended format was completed on 4 December. The course had 22 participants and 8 instructors. The participants from 13 countries in Europe represented both operational and research areas in meteorology. The Evaluation form was filled nearly by all the participants: the feedback received gives us the reason to continue on this track and improve some smaller details in the content and in the format.

- Flash workshop was carried out 9-11 December in Langen. I let you argue from the final personal comment of one of the instructor the outcomes which have been achieved by the participants: “It was amazing to see, when we did the final exercise, what people can achieve in 2 1/2 days”. The future will anyway tell us about the actual outcome of the workshop: if those participants will put in action what they learnt by creating or contributing to developing training modules, we can say we have succeeded. Let me stress that the skills developed in the workshop will serve other than the Eumetcal community itself: EUMeTrain and EUMETSAT will surely benefit of it.

- Eumetcal will be engaged in the very beginning of year 2010 with the planning and delivery of an online Moodle course. The course is planned for 8-11 February and is addressed to those trainers who have some knowledge of this learning management system and wish to improve their skills. The online lessons will be integrated with offline assignments. Announcement to be issued 11 January.

4. International Training activities and events

- The registration to the MSC Radar blended courses have been closed in the beginning of December. From the Eumetcal community, i.e. from Europe, there were almost 15 applications. That was a positive surprise, considering the time-lag with Canada, setting up some challenges for the European participants.

- The First Announcement and Call for Papers of the EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference 2010 has been issued. Among the others the session topic “Training and Outreach” which particularly fits the domain of the Eumetcal community.
In order to submit an abstract or to simply register your interest please go the conference web page.
Keep in mind the deadline for submission: 22 January 2010.

- LI would like to draw your attention to the second VLab Newsletter recently issued. VLab stands for The Virtual Laboratory for Satellite Training and Data Utilization: it was established to maximize the use of satellite data around the world. It is a collaborative effort that connects the world’s major satellite operators with WMO Centers Of Excellence in satellite meteorology. To know more please download the Newsletter HERE .

Thank you for reading and ...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010

Alessandro Chiariello

EUMETCAL Training Support Officer

The next issue will come out at the end of March 2010. The deadline for articles for newsletter 01/10 is 20 March 2010. Email your articles to alessandro.chiariello(at)

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