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Marine Forecasting Course - 2013

The Marine Forecasting Course is a distance learning course designed to train forecasters to improve the quality of marine forecasting and nowcasting through the better use of satellite and model data. This 5 week course will start at October 28 and will be composed of approximately 10 hours of lectures.

The course is joint project from EUMeTrain, EUMETSAT and EUMETCAL, with the goal of preparing forecasters in the core skills related to marine nowcast and forecasts.

Learning Objectives:

This on-line training course will focus on the analysis of the current state of sea surface and atmosphere, trough remote sensing observations, and combine with model outputs. The use of physical and dynamical reasoning (including conceptual models) is also presented to provide statements about the evolution of the atmosphere and sea surface as it affects the short term ocean forecast.


The team of the teachers of this course is composed by experts in marine weather forecasting and by researchers that develop products to support marine forecasting. This multi-disciplinary team includes people from several European meteorological services and also from the ECMWF, NOAA (USA) and (Canada).

Knowledge is assumed in:

Basic principles of marine meteorology.

Target Audience:

Mainly to operational marine weather forecasters, but the course is open to all with interest and basic competence in marine meteorology.


- Attending at least 80% of the lectures.
- Successful in 80% of the short-tests after the lectures.

Fees: The course is free of charge.

Registration until 31.07.2013:

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More information about the course on the website:

CONTACT: SÚrgio Muacho, (IPMA-Portugal/EUMeTrain)

Phone : +351213027076

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