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Virtual Teams - how do they function?

CALMet Online Session 3: Communicating and working as a virtual team

Instructor: Satu Vesanen, Vesa Nietosvaara, Anni Simola, Alessandro Chiariello (FMI)

Session Dates: Online session 14 September 13 UTC

Topic: This activity will demonstrate various aspects of communicating, motivating and engaging persons working in virtual teams. Participants will gain new perspectives on how team work can be carried out virtually.

In the beginning of activity, we will explore the meaning of "virtuality" and describe how the level of virtuality may affect on motivating and engaging persons working in a team.

We will also view the perspective of virtuality in international teams. For the international teams working online is inevitable and necessary. The vast distances, different time zones and different working cultures can be challenging for collaboration and project management. This part of the presentation will tell some FMI experiences on international virtual teamwork, and some recommendations on how to make the work more effective.

Furthermore, we are asking how does increasing virtuality affect leadership? What should a team or project lead consider or do differently as and when the amount of virtuality in teamwork increases. This part will be discussed based on a brief literature review as well as on our own experiences of virtual teamwork.

The online session will take place on 14 September 2010 at 13 UTC.

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