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Sixth Eumetcal Workshop 30 Nov - 2 Dec 2010 (WMO, Geneva)

The sixth international EUMETCAL Workshop will be held from 29 November - 2 December 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland, hosted by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

This Workshop is aimed at trainers and professionals with training responsibilities in the field of meteorology, hydrology and climatology.

This year workshop will have a special focus on longer-term strategies of training, particularly within Eumetcal. Eumetcal programme Phase III is now already starting its fourth year, and it’s time to look into future and evaluate the past activities: what lies ahead, what have we achieved and what are the success stories of our community? Now it’s YOUR turn to come up with your stories and experiences - how has Eumetcal helped you in your training, what could have been done better, what do you expect from Eumetcal in the future?

The Workshop themes

1. Current and future education and training needs

- Current and future education and training challenges within NHMSs

- Training in different economical contexts

- Emerging training and education needs in near future

2. Co-operation experiences and opportunities

- Current activities of collaborative initiatives

- Multi-organization efforts to share resources and collaborate

- Showcases of successful co-operation experiences

- Training success stories

3. Education and training activities

- Activities within and beyond Eumetcal member states

- New training initiatives and technologies

- Pedagogical aspects and developments in training

- Evaluation methods

4. Future of Eumetcal

- Impacts of emerging political, regulatory, scientific, and technological trends to Eumetcal Phase IV (2012-2017)

- Changing roles of meteorological staff and its impact in training programmes

- The role of Eumetcal in accomplishing the needs and expectations of European NHMSs

- Opportunities for EUMETCAL to contribute to and benefit from the education and training needs of WMO Members

Working Group Meetings

The Eumetcal Working Groups (WG) are forums for the development and planning of continuous professional development activities. In the meetings the members of each WG will separately discuss the recent developments of the activities within the WG and plan the future activities meetings, courses, workshops, etc. for the upcoming year.

The Working Group meetings during Eumetcal Workshop are preliminarily scheduled for Monday 29 November; more detailed information will follow by 1 September.

Practical Information

Workshop Location

The Workshop will take place at the World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.

Workshop Fees

Attending the Workshop does not require any registration fee.

Financial Support

Financial support is unfortunately not available.


The entire Workshop will be conducted in English language. No translation will be available.

Accommodation.. Hotels in Geneva are in average rather expensive.

- FOR INEXPENSIVE ACCOMMODATION see Mandat International welcome centre

Workshop Registration


Proposal Submission

The purpose of the workshop is to share experiences, suggestions and ideas for improving the traditional and e-based teaching and learning processes in meteorological training. We are looking forward for receiving your proposal! You should consider the following formats for your proposal:

- An oral presentation: a traditional brief talk, 15-20 minutes.

- A workshop; a hands-on demonstration or practical session (duration 45-90 minutes). Only limited number of workshop slots will be available.

- A round-table discussion. a small group discussion (duration 30-60 minutes) on a specific topic with colleagues for deeper discussion sharing ideas

- Something Else: Feel free to use your imagination to find the best way to inspire and engage your audience and create a lively interaction. Describe how your session differs from those above.

Important Dates

- 15 October: proposal submission deadline - FOR LATE PROPOSAL CONTACT DIRECTLY alessandro.chiariello(at)

- 15 October: workshop registration deadline

- 29 November: Working Group meetings

- 30 November - 2 December: Workshop

Looking forward to seeing you in Geneva!

The Eumetcal Workshop Programme Committee

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