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Pre - ERAD2010 Nowcasting Course

ERAD2010 (European Radar conference and EUMETSAT organize a 5 day course 30 August - 3 September on:


Forecasting and nowcasting thunderstorms and their severe weather are very challenging. This state of the art course, with its world class international lecturers, is based on systematic forecasting approaches that combine the latest scientific research with integrated use of satellite, radar, observations and lightning data and numerical weather prediction guidance. The course will be highly interactive with lectures, group discussions and activities and hands-on computer based case studies.


Lecturers will include Jim Wilson and Rita Roberts from NCAR, Paul Joe from Environment Canada, Jochen Kerkmann from Eumetsat, Aurora Bell from Romania and others still to be confirmed.


The course is for European forecasters who are responsible for issuing warnings. Priority will be given to forecasters from emerging European countries with operational radars who will also be participating in the ERAD 2010 conference.

As the course will be highly interactive and conducted in English, applicants must have good spoken English language skills.

Course content

The course addresses the competencies required of a thunderstorm nowcaster. Competencies and content are shown in more detail in the attached PDF file. The course will include:

- The pre-storm environment and storm initiation, the roles of local flows and orography in Europe

- The mature storm and associated weather

- Nowcasting process, principles and practices

- Tools and products for integrated diagnosis and prediction

- European groups and approaches

- Severe storm case studies


The course will cost 500 euros for the 5 days.

A limited number of participants from Emerging European countries will be sponsored by EUMETSAT.


Application forms will be available on the ERAD 2010 website in early April and must be submitted by 1 May.

Please note that selection will take into account the priorities listed under "participants".

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