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Eumetcal Workshop 2014

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9th International Eumetcal Workshop 2014

The ninth international EUMETCAL Workshop will be held 10 - 13 June 2014 in Warsaw, Poland, hosted by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute (IMGW-PIB).

We have opened the workshop page on the Eumetcal Virtual College. All the material, e.g. agenda, booklet, announcements and presentation will be stored at:

The objective of the workshop is to explore ways to improve the training infrastructure in Europe and to enhance networking and collaboration of NHMSs within the Eumetcal framework. Emphasis will be given to the competency assessment framework, also aiming to focus on challenges and solutions experienced by NHMSs when addressing the gaps identified in the assessment.

We would like to tune the attention of applicants to two special events offered in connection with the workshop:

A) Joint Eumetcal - HoF meeting

On Wednesday, 11 June in the afternoon, there will be a Joint Meeting between the Eumetcal participants and the Heads of Forecasting of EUMETNET Met Services (THEME: Eumetcal and NHMS cooperation and support for forecaster’s training).
This joint session will represent a chance for the community of trainers to communicate with the managers of the Forecasting Offices and enhance the role and visibility of education and training in the National Hydro-Meteorological Services.

B) Concurrent Russian language session

On Thursday, 12 June in the afternoon, a concurrent session in Russian language will be organized. The objective is to expose met institutions, where Russian is still a relevant working language, to global training topics, practices and methodologies, and to promote the cooperation among the trainers of these organizations and create a link with other networks of trainers like Eumetcal. Online participation also will be provided.
You can view the corresponding announcement in English and Russian

NOTE:Deadlines for registration and proposal submission have been extended (see Important Dates below).

Workshop Themes

In this workshop we will focus on the following themes.
The detailed schedule of the workshop will depend on the amount and type of proposal received, however the topic “Assessing meteorological personnel competencies and skills” is tentatively planned 10-11 June and the topic “Raising awareness of training and online training in Eumetcal NHMSs” 12-13 June. We stress the word tentatively!

1) Raising awareness of training and online training in Eumetcal NHMSs

The aim of this session is to reflect critically among the community of trainers on which learning solutions are feasible, which are beneficial and what is actually being done. Therefore, the session will address, from a critical perspective, the learning solutions that we apply; together we will review the best practices and co-operation models adopted within the Eumetcal training community, identify the needs and possibly come up with possible solutions.

We welcome proposals on:

- Trainer profile – what makes a good trainer
- Latest online training tools and learning solutions – better outreach
- Pedagogical aspects of online training
- Cost-efficiency issues in training planning and evaluation of the outcome
- Institutional training aspects and solutions
- Enhancing in-house training with external collaboration
- Learning management system – 2014 status

2) Assessing meteorological personnel competencies and skills

This session will discuss how to support ourselves in addressing competency assessment issues for operational meteorological personnel and services and how to deal with the identified gaps. The aim is to share approaches and methodologies adopted in various NHMSs to address the issues of competency assessment and the process of dealing with the gaps, including collaborative solutions between neighboring countries and targeted research.

We welcome proposals on

- What are we going to assess and what do we mean by assessment?
- Practices and methods for assessing the competency of meteorological personnel and services
- Training of competency assessors
- After assessment: addressing the gaps
- Role of Education and Training within the institutional decision making
- Learning solutions and targeted research for addressing the competency gaps
- Technical and psychological preparation of the assessing team

Registration and Proposal Submission

- REGISTRATION and SUBMISSION of proposal for the workshop have been CLOSED.

Practical Information

Workshop location and Logistics

Several issues related to local logistics in Warsaw, e.g. transportation, recommended accommodation, money, etc., have been collected in the attached document "Eumetcal 9th WS Warsaw logistic information" in PDF format.

Workshop Fees

Attending the Workshop does not require any registration fee.


Please take note that a catering service will be available during working-hours. Coffee, tea and lunch will be kindly provided by IMGW-PIB.

Social Events

The Ice Breaker will be a casual Get Together at the first evening with welcome drinks and snacks served.
All participants are also invited for sightseeing tour of the Royal Castle followed by dinner, tentatively Thurs 12 June in the late afternoon. Exact date and timing will follow in due course.

Financial Support

Limited travel support will be available for workshop presenters coming from the member institutes.


The entire Workshop will be conducted in English language. No translation will be available. As mentioned, a short parallel session in Russian language might take place.


IMGW-PIB reserved a number of rooms at the Hotel Ibis Warszawa Stare Miasto (Old Town) for the participants at a special rate with a deadline on 15/05/2014.

For reservation please see attached document "Eumetcal 9th WS Warsaw logistic information"

Important Dates

- 5 May: Proposal submission closes

- 8 May: Registration closes

- 15 May: “Russian language session” proposal submission and registration closes

- 21 May 2014: Final Programme published

- 10-13 June 2014: Eumetcal 9th Workshop

Looking forward to seeing you in Warsaw!

The Eumetcal Workshop Programme Committee

Ms Magdalena Ozga (IMGW)

Ms Dominika Malinowska (IMGW)

Mr Alessandro Chiariello (Eumetcal)

Mr Paul Bugeac (ROMATSA)

Ms Heleen ter Pelkwijk (KNMI)

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