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Eumetcal Newsletter - Issue 01/10


1. New members

A warm welcome into the Eumetcal Programme to Bulgaria and Romania. Both of them have been very active in the recent years in international training activities and events, giving a valuable contribution.

The membership in Eumetcal will hopefully enhance this positive trend and bring benefit both the two new members and the whole community.


2. Online Moodle course

Eumetcal has given last February a Moodle course for beginners completely online. The course consisted of 7 online lessons and some off-line assignments. During the online lessons the students were engaged with plenty of interactions in order to practise immediately what they were learning.

The PM and TSO worked as instructors for the three participants (Hungary, Serbia and The Netherlands). It was a challenging experiment both for the instructors and the students, which indeed turned out into a very positive solution. With this pilot course Eumetcal has put the basis for future online Moodle courses on a more solid structure and for a wider audience.

The three participants are now administrators of the “private” working area created in the Eumetcal Moodle for internal training activities of their respective organizations.

3. Eumetcal sixth international workshop: preliminary information

Eumetcal organizes every year a workshop, usually hosted by a member country. This year WMO has kindly offered its headquarters in Genève, Switzerland, as the location of the workshop, which is scheduled for 29.11.-02.12.2010.

This represents not only a symbolic evidence of the current tight co-operation between WMO and Eumetcal, but will represent the meeting point between the European training communities and the global training programmes of WMO.

Hopefully you have already booked these days in your agenda: you can’t miss this event!

4. WMO Seminar for National Trainers: Eumetcal commitment

World Meteorological Organization (WMO) will hold a training seminar for National Trainers of RA VI (Europe) in Sibiu, Romania, 17-28 May 2010.

Eumetcal will co-sponsor 4 participants from the Eumetcal community. This financial support is a concrete evidence of how Eumetcal is committed to motivate the trainers of the community and to improve their skills. Moreover this is an example of the increasing interaction between Eumetcal and WMO.


5. WMO visiting Eumetcal in Finland

In the beginning of last February Jeff Wilson, director of the Education and Training Office at WMO, has quickly visited the Eumetcal PM and TSO in Helsinki, Finland, on his way back home from an international meeting in Hong Kong.

In the agenda of the meeting several important topics and updates were discussed, e.g. the future steps of the Eumetcal aviation working group in light of the forthcoming competency requirements for Aviation Meteorologist, the Eumetcal commitment to the WMO Seminar for National Trainers (May 2010) and Eumetcal workshop 2010 in WMO headquarters.

6. Eumetcal visiting Meteo France

In the beginning of March TSO and PM have visited Meteo France in Toulouse, which represents a core point for the programme, since the local HRD department is responsible of the maintenance of the servers. On the other hand the Chairman of the Eumetcal steering Group (Mr. Lalaurette) and the coordinator of the Aviation WG (Mr. Hallot) are both working in Meteo France.

During the visit several strategic issues could be discussed closely with Mr. Lalaurette and Mr. Hallot as well as technical issues with the HRD staff.


7. Progress in the Aviation Working Group

The Aviation Working Group is keeping moving its step towards the creation of a training programme which could concretely fill some of the most urgent needs of the country members in the formation and competencies of their aviation meteorologist. This is indeed a very challenging goal.

8. Pedagogy Working Group very active

The recently established Pedagogy Working Group is moving steps forward. Some of the members are meeting in Vienna in the middle of June for a two days workshop. In the agenda:

- results from the WMO seminar for National Trainers
- the evaluation of training courses (WMO, Eumetcal, NMSs)
- preparation for the Eumetcal WS in Geneva (end of November).

9. Radar Working Group

The Radar working Group is also meeting in May, in Helsinki, Finland. This meeting will be very important in order to closely discuss the details of the forthcoming Radar Blended Course for meteorologists, which is to begin next autumn.


10. Scenari: an additional tool for the community

Last year Eumetcal committed to adopt an authoring tool, called SCENARI, for creating e-learning material. The technical staff of Meteo France has participated an intensive training by SCENARI and got the skills for configuring this tool for the Eumetcal Programme and start training the instructors of the community on how to use it.

A workshop for interested trainers is planned for next October: exact dates and place yet to be decided.

11. Calendar in the website

In order to help country members in keeping track with the several activities related to the training community, a very basic static calendar is available from the Eumetcal website ( Just click on Calendar in the upper banner.

12. Eumetcal on Facebook: Become a fan!

Last but not least, Eumetcal is now on Facebook. We have created a Facebook page for the programme.

The goal is further promoting the presence of the programme , sharing news/events with the community and stimulating relevant discussion all in one spot, taking benefit of this popular social network.

Please have a look at it and join as a fan HERE

Thank you for reading and

Alessandro Chiariello

EUMETCAL Training Support Officer

The next issue will come out in the middle of June 2010. The deadline for articles for newsletter 02/10 is 20 May 2010. Email your articles to

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