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Eumetcal/EUMeTrain Basic Satellite Meteorology Course

Eumetcal and EUMeTrain have joint their efforts in developing a new Satellite Course consisting of different modules. The first module "Basic Satellite Meteorology" will be offered this spring: the registration is open!

The Basic Satellite Course will start with describing the various meteorological satellite systems operated by EUMETSAT and presently supplying data for operational use. The student will learn in what different orbits the different satellite operate and what it means to be geosynchronous and how the third law of Kepler helps to explain this.

How do we go from level-1 data to level-1.5 and level-2 products? This is a question that will be answered and the principles by which radiation received at the satellite sensor is used to infer target albedo or temperature.

The course is designed for operational forecasters and meets the competencies defined within the WMO framework.

Format of the course

The course will consist of a series of online lectures and will end with a three day classroom phase at the Headquarters of EUMETSAT in Darmstadt. A guided tour will be organised along with a workshop on various open source softwares available for the visualisation of satellite data.

During several stages of the course the student will be tested through online questionnaires. After the student can sufficiently demonstrate that he or she masters the material, a certificate will be issued.

- the course online phase starts 1 April and ends 30 May
- the residence phase dates at EUMETSAT will be announced later

Course fee and registration

- The course fee will be €500 per student.

- The registration period is OVER.

You can contact if you need more information on this basics course.

mise jour Wednesday 4 May 2016