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Announcing the Weather Simulators for Instruction and Assessment Workshop


Many NMHSs in Europe are exploring the use of Weather Event Simulators for:

  • Exposing people to new data and ideas
  • Training forecasters in organisational processes
  • Assessing forecaster competence (particularly for aviation)

KNMI and EUMETSAT have shared their simulation platforms for others to use.

This workshop will share the experience of groups that are already using simulators in instruction and assessment, and give people an opportunity to develop a real simulator with support.
This workshop will help you to plan, prepare, implement and evaluate how simulators will be used in your organisation. The workshop will be in two components:

  1. Monday to Wednesday - using simulators effectivity
  2. Building a simulator using the EUMETSAT or KNMI platform

After the workshop participants will have access to an online environment to share problems and support each other implementing simulators into their organisations instruction and assessment.

Key benefits

  • Organisations planning to use simulators for the assessment of aviation competency will be able to learn from people who are already doing it
  • Organisations training meteorologists will gain access to experience and tools to bring simulators into their own training.

Date and place

The workshop will be delivered 3-7 February 2014 at DWD Training Center in Langen, Germany (starting on Monday 3 Feb at 14 o’clock).


Accommodation at the DWD Training Center will be available to the course participants. The rate is about 40 EUR/night (breakfast not included).


Applications should be made to and outlining what your plans are to implement simulators in your organisation and what you want to get out of the workshop.
Applications are requested by January 14, 2014.

This workshop is being put together by Eumetcal, KNMI, EUMETSAT and DWD 

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