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breves: VISITview lecture on Wednesday 13 September 2006

(13 August 2006)

We are pleased to announce that EUMETSAT is offering again a VISITview lecture on Wednesday 13 September 2006 on the "Detection of Volcanic Ash and SO2 in MSG Images", at 09:00 UTC for about 90 minutes.


- Provide background info: aviation and health hazards
- Overview of techniques for ash and SO2 detection with MSG
- In particular, understand the concept of “reverse absorption” for ash clouds
- Learn how to generate the Ash RGB composite (recipe)
- Interpretation of colours of the Ash RGB
- Short introduction to quantitative ash and SO2 products
- Show limitations of ash and SO2 detection


- Basics in remote sensing
- Overview of all MSG channels
- Tutorials of IR window channels
- Familiarity with the Dust RGB product
- Basic knowledge of RGB colours

3) Download & Installation

You can download the VISITview (*.zip) file (it is about 38 MB in size) by aiming your Web browser to:

You can also visit our web page for more informations:>What We Do > Training > Distance Learning > Schedule

If you or a member of your organisation is interested in participating in this course, please register with
The deadline for registration is Monday 11 September 2006.

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