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breves: Major Changes in the Eumetcal Programme Management from 1/1/2009

(23 November 2008)

Ms. Carola Sundius, HRD Manager of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), is the founding mother of the Eumetcal Programme and is behind the success and management of the programme since 2001 when it was conceived. Carola is a pioneer in computer assisted and blended learning and has single-handily changed the field of meteorological continuous professional development. The time has come, however for Carola to step back from active duty including from the post of Eumetcal Programme Manager and retire following a very active career in meteorology.

On the 15th November 2008, the EUMETNET Council approved the proposal by the FMI to appoint Mr. Vesa Nietosvaara of the FMI as the new Programme Manager for Eumetcal beginning on the 1st January 2009. For many of you Vesa is familiar from his activities in the EUMeTrain programme and as the NWP WG chair in the Eumetcal Programme. Vesa will bring his strong international training expertise to the programme and for the benefit of the training community.

At the same time Eumetcal Training Support Officer, Mr. Jaakko Karppanen, has been appointed to a position as the Head of Group, International Projects in the Consulting Services unit of the FMI. Jaakko has accepted this position and has taken up new duties this autumn. Jaakko will continue to work in the international field and will support Eumetcal activities during the transition.

The FMI has appointed Mr. Alessandro Chiariello, aviation forecaster and research scientist, to the post of Eumetcal Training Officer starting from 1st December 2009. Alessandro has strong expertise in forecasting, mesoscale NWP models, synoptic meteorology and satellite meteorology and will bring a fresh perspective to the Eumetcal community from meteorological research.

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