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breves: MSC Radar course ended

(26 April 2010)

After three months of distance training/learning about radar meteorology, which have
engaged forecasters from Canada, but also from Europe,
Barbados and Australia, the MSC Radar course has culminated last week (19.-22.4) in the residence phase hosted in the MSC training facilities in Edmonton, Alberta.

As well as the distance phase, the residence part was characterized by a
stimulating interaction between instructors and trainees. The residence
phase has mainly focused on the interpretation/recognition of radar
signatures applied to conceptual models in convection cases and Doppler images; however the
use of radar in synoptic scale weather has also been covered, though in a lesser extent.

The whole content of the course, including the presentations given in
Edmonton, will be shortly copied in the Eumetcal Virtual College
(Moodle) and made available to the Eumetcal community.

This course by the MSC has been one of the most concrete outcome of the cooperation between Eumetcal and MSC. The template was borrowed from the correspondent blended course given by Eumetcal; on the other way the material developed in the MSC course will be available to the Eumetcal community.
Last but not least, the experience and feedback gathered from these courses will offer a strong basis for improving forthcoming projects.

Personal thanks to the MSC staff, especially to the course facilitator Dave Ball, for organizing such a course and scheduling the online lectures in such a way European forecasters could easily attend. And thank you for making room to three European attendees in the residence phase.

Discussion in the residence phase in Edmonton, Alberta

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