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breves: High-Profile Training Event 16-28 October 2006

(1 October 2006)

The WMO High-Profile Training Event (HPTE) is a series of interactive online lectures covering 4 topics in Satellite Meteorology that will be broadcast to WMO Members in each Region during the second half of October 2006. To participate in this training event you will need to have access to a computer (equipped with a microphone and headset or speakers) connected to the internet and able to download at least at 56 kbs. A series of trial lectures will be held prior to the main lectures to enable you to become familiar with how to collaborate online.

Lecture A

WMO Space Program, Satellite Capabilities and the WMO Virtual Laboratory
The lecture starts with an overview on the WMO activities in support of satellite systems, of access to their data and of using the data for environmental applications. The second part gives details on the capabilities of the satellite instruments in addressing environmental issues. The third part shows the resources of the WMO Virtual Laboratory for education and training in satellite meteorology and other environmental aspects.

Lecture B

Spectral Bands and their uses
The focus of this lecture is on the use of visible, near-infrared and infrared image data in meteorology. These are the satellite data operationally used satellite data by most NMHSs. The lecture ends with a section on microwave data and products as well as on active sensors.

Lecture C

From Digital Data to Products
The lecture shows by examples how to derive quantitative products from image data. It demonstrates frequently used mathematical methods.

Lecture D

Detection and Monitoring of Severe Convection
The lecture shows the organisation, development and evolution of deep convection as it evolves from a particular airmass to severe thunderstorms. Also included is a section on rainfall.

The HPTE uses a technology called VISITView. To learn more click here:

All lectures can be downloaded from EUMETSAT.

See more info on the VISITview schedule page

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