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breves: Eumetcal on Facebook!

(28 March 2010)

We have recently created a Facebook page for the Eumetcal Programme.
You can find it through this LINK.
In principle you do not need a Facebook profile in order to browse the content of the Eumetcal Facebook page (announcements, photos, discussion, etc). On the other hand, if you like to be notified each time a new announcement is posted or you just would like to add some pictures, comments or join the discussions, please become a fan through your profile (if you don’t have, create a new one). That’s easy!

Facebook is one of the most powerful social networking services currently available: with Eumetcal on Facebook we are aiming at further promote the programme presence, share news/events with the community and stimulate relevant discussion all in one spot.

You are welcome!

Eumetcal-Facebook badge {GIF}

mise jour Wednesday 4 May 2016