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breves: Eumetcal III phase revisions approved

(16 April 2007)

The 30th EUMETNET Council meeting discussed and agreed the revised Eumetcal III programme budget. The FMI will thus begin to draft agreements to all member countries very shortly. The revision to the Programme Proposal was brought on by the unexpected withdrawal of the UK Met Office from the programme and its implications on the Eumetcal budget.

The budget was revised in three working packages with as little as possible impact on the programme activities as possible. Revisions in the budget also imply a shift towards a more working group oriented programme where the role of the different groups will be very important. The downscaled programme budget also calls for all options with regards to external funding (from e.g. the European Commission) to be thoroughly researched.

Eumetcal III programme phase will begin on 1 July 2007 and last for five years with the Finnish Meteorological Institute as the Responsible Member. There are no changes in the programme management; Programme Manager will be Mrs. Carola Sundius and Training Officer Mr. Jaakko Karppanen.

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