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breves: Call to participate in the Eumetcal Learning Solutions Working Group

(4 November 2006)

New Eumetcal TRWG calls for participants

In the Eumetcal Advisory Board meeting held in Langen in August it was agreed that in order to keep up to date with the current rapid development of e-learning solutions a group of dedicated experts should be formed. This Working Group will explore and test the scope of Learning Management Systems, video conferencing solutions, Learning Object Repositories, etc. with the aim to be able to assist member NMSs in the development and utilisation of the most recent e-learning technologies.

This group may receive funding from the Eumetcal programme in a later date, but for the time being this group will act on a voluntary basis. If you are interested in the opportunities that modern computing offers for training, please join this working group in the following address:

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